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Yume 2kki Resized In-game Wallpaper Pack by Djohariah Yume 2kki Resized In-game Wallpaper Pack by Djohariah
...Man, that title is a mouthful.

Eight resized wallpapers from Urotsuki's computer that you can use on your own desktop! How cool is that?!
I took the vectorized resizes from Uboachan and made them compatible for something that isn't a 4:3 toaster. Some of the wallpapers were a simple image or canvas resize, and some I had to do a little bit of actual work with. I might make more later, if work permits.

Yume 2kki's wallpaper art belongs to each respective artist.
Yume 2kki belongs to those crazy 2chan developers.

First, you'll need WinRAR. It essentially lets you pack multiple files into one download. Convenient.
Next, click that big Download button to the right. I'm sure you can find it.
Extract the files to any folder you like (i.e. My Documents, Pictures).
Right click the desired wallpaper and set it as your desktop background.

Included in this delicious bundle:
Eight wallpapers from Yume 2kki, each resized to both 1920x1080 and 1920x1200, including:
Dot Urotsuki - [link]
Number 2 - [link]
Headless Woman - [link]
Silhouette - [link]
Dreams & Reality - [link]
Twintails Maid - [link]
and two dream wallpapers - [link1] & [link2]

Desktop Previews:

All Wallpapers: [link]


A diary, placed over a simple desk that could as well be part of an interrogation room.
And that awfully fascinating soft bed.
You wander towards the bed, but you find the door of the room on your way. Your movements are dull. It's as if you were afraid of something. You approach the door with difficulty, and touch it with your hand. Immediately, as if you were bearing the nausea, you hung your head, and then hopelessly shook it.
You can't get out--or maybe you don't want to?
You head to the bed, as if still trying to run away. There is nothing else to do in that lonely boring room. So maybe, at least, you can find some freedom in the world of dreams. You crawl into the bed with the same clothes you were wearing, and cover your body completely with the blankets.
As if you wanted to advert your eyes from everything.
--You fall asleep in just three seconds.
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November 2, 2013
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